Under no circumstances are there to be any drugs or alcohol on the premises. 

  1. Everyone must have a landing net, even if fishing from the same peg.  NO SHARING of landing nets.
  2. Day ticket is for £6.00 for 1 rod, £8.00 for 2 rods
  3. Barbless hooks – max size 12
  4. Landing nets must be left out to dry
  5. No keep nets, only on matches
  6. No bivvies
  7. No using bite alarms on pleasure lakes
  8. No floating bread
  9. No dog / cat meat
  10. One person per peg
  11. No leaving discarded line and hooks
  12. No lifting of fish even small (must use net to land fish)
  13. No cutting of bushes / trees
  14. Ticket must be bought on arrival at tackle shop
  15. All rubbish emptied into bins provided
  16. No fishing in disable pegs unless disabled
  17. No leaving based rods / poles unattended in lake
  18. Max line 7lb
  19. No leaving under 16’s unattended

If any of the above rules are broken we have zero tolerance and you will be banned for life.