]Under no circumstances are there to be any drugs or alcohol on the premises. Anyone found to be breaking this agreement will have their membership revoked.

  1. All members must put rubbish in the bins provided. No rubbish is to be left on bank.
  2. All members must use the toilets on site. Any members using bushes or bank will have their membership terminated with immediate effect.
  3. All members must have their membership card on them at all times while on Moss Farm and produce it when booking on.
  4. No loud music.
  5. No airguns. No shooting at the ducks.  You are not licensed to do so.  The management on Moss Farm have a contractor who deals with this and is registered by the police to do so.
  6. You must never go off and leave fishing rods unattended.
  7. No throw away BBQs as these char the grass.
  8. Unhooking mats must have high sides.
  9. All members must carry a carp care kit.
  10. No lead core leaders or braid.
  11. Micro barbed hooks only.
  12. All members fishing to the left hand side of the bank must not fish past the two islands.
  13. No tents allowed.
  14. If using cooked particle you must purchased from the on-site tackle shop.
  15. Whilst handling fish no lit cigarettes in your mouth.
  16. If you book on and do not cancel within 24 hours and do not show up, before you book on again you have to pay for the previous booking that you did not show up for.
  17. Rig checks will be carried out randomly.
  18. No floating bread.
  19. No sacking of fish.
  20. You must phone the shop on (0161) 775 1655 to book on. Do not try to book on through the Facebook page.
  21. No guests. Only non-fishing partners. If your partner wants to fish they now have to become a member.
  23. No carrying fish back to the waters edge. Must be carried in a retaining sling back to the water.
  24. Never at any time must go to be left on attended ever!
  25. No fake sweetcorn.

If any of the above rules are broken we have zero tolerance and you will be banned for life.